Capstone/Internship Projects in Biotechnology

Given the applied nature of biotechnology, student’s capstone / internship project is based on their own interest and developed in collaboration with Temple faculty members or with industry partners (e.g., from pharmaceutical, bioengineering, and biotechnology companies), federal, state, and city governmental agencies, and faculty from organizations involved in ethics, policy, and legislation related to biotechnology. Permission for capstone projects developed with the cooperation of prospective employers, Temple faculty or by members of our External Advisory Board will be sought and obtained by students prior to start of the capstone. Students are allowed to conduct capstone projects with Temple or external faculty under the guidance of this program’s Steering Committee. For multi- and interdisciplinary projects, co-mentoring will be encouraged. With an eye to train globally-minded problem solvers to new and emerging problems, our PSM Biotech program capstone projects generally have the following foci:

  • Biotechnology in Industrial & Environmental Engineering

  • Biotechnology in Biomedicine & Drug Discovery